Built Environment 建築環境

A Solar-Energy Based Smart Energy-Saving Solution for Green Buildings


Chief Project Managers 項目主管: H.H. HU; J.W. TANG

Project Supervisor 項目導師: Dr Hung-lin CHI

Project Members 項目成員:  Z.J.DING; Y.N. LI;  et. al.


The solar power supply system

Solar energy, as a clean and renewable energy, is widely used in architectural design. In Ya’an, the solar energy is easy to collect and no need to be developed. As it is clean and renewable, solar energy in line with the basic goal of zero carbonization.

Rooftop-distributed Solar Panels:

The building is equipped with a rooftop-distributed photovoltaic panel to absorb natural light as the first level of energy. Based on the photovoltaic effect, the energy collected is rectified by the efficient solar controller to the storage battery. The battery outputs 12V DC to serve the basic lighting, ventilation and intelligent control of the entire building.

Solar Panel Supporting Device with Self Adjustment:

In order to improve the efficiency of solar energy collection, the supporting device, consisting of a solar panel bracket and motors, is equipped with a photosensitive sensor. According to the data obtained, the supporting device is rotated to make the solar panel up to its highest efficiency, thus increasing the amount of energy available.

Floor Used for Indoor Light Energy Reuse:

Based on the moisture-proof layer, photovoltaic panels are laid on the base surface and connect the battery through the wires, and compression protection layer is covered above. When the indoor lighting works, the photovoltaic power plate absorbs the scattered light energy, transfers through the wire, and stores it in the battery in the form of electric energy, which can be used to support the operation of some small indoor electrical appliances