SOFC-MG 能源多级联产

A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)-Based Biogas-from-Waste Generation System for Buildings: A Feasibility Study


Chief Project Manager 项目主管: Qiancheng WANG 王谦诚

Project Supervisor 项目导师: Prof M. NI 倪萌 教授

Researchers Involved 参与学者: Dr H. Wei; Dr B. Chen; Dr H. Xu


  • Chief Project Manager 项目主管: Qiancheng WANG
  • Project Supervisor 项目导师:  Prof M. NI
  • Project Members 项目成员:  W. Qin; H. Hu; S. Zhang; Y. Pan
  • Period 项目时间:  10. 2016 – 11. 2017



The building sector consumes a great deal of energy and generates organic waste, and thus has been a cause of considerable environmental concern. One distributed-energy technique, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)-based biogas-from-waste generation, has shown promise for waste treatment as well as energy saving in buildings. This study proposes a high-efficiency cooling, heating and electricity-generation system with an SOFC-absorption water-cooled tri-generation configuration. Operations data from a typical high-rise commercial building in Shanghai and an airport in Hong Kong were analyzed as case studies of the proposed system’s economic, environmental, and social feasibility in China. The results indicated that its economic performance was satisfactory, with a short payback period of less than one year if subsidized. Additionally, the system was found to achieve high efficiency: i.e., 85%, as compared to approximately 40% achieved by conventional combustion-powered systems. Finally, in terms of social feasibility, survey respondents not only expressed positive overall attitudes towards the application of the system but also raised concerns about its long-term operating costs. Given that foreseeable technological advancements promise greater flexibility and reduced space requirements, these results imply that the proposed integrated SOFC multi-generation system will be well-suited to future infrastructure and building projects in China.



Journal Papers

  • Wang, Q., Wei, H.*, Xu, Q. (2018). “Feasibility Study of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) – Based Biogas-from-Waste Generation System for Residential Buildings in China”. 10(7), 2395. DOI: 10.3390/su10072395.
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Conference Papers

  • Zhang S., Wang Q., Wen M., Hu H. (2019), “A feasibility study on the waste-to-biogas SOFC-based multi-generation with energy storage system in buildings”, Central Europe towards Sustainable Building Conference, Prague, July 2-4. (Under Review)
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  • 「一种利用有机废物燃料的建筑冷、热、电联供系统及方法」(201710835395.00, CN107461851A)