SOFC-MG 能源多级联产

A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)-Based Biogas-from-Waste Generation System for Buildings: A Feasibility Study


Chief Project Manager 项目主管: Qiancheng WANG

Project Supervisor 项目导师: Prof M. NI

Researcher Involved: Dr H. Wei; Dr B. Chen; Dr H. Xu


  • Chief Project Manager 项目主管: Qiancheng WANG
  • Project Supervisor 项目导师:  Prof M. NI
  • Project Members 项目成员:  W. Qin; H. Hu; S. Zhang; Y. Pan
  • Period 项目时间:  10. 2016 – 11. 2017


The building sector consumes a great deal of energy and generates organic waste, and thus has been a cause of considerable environmental concern. One distributed-energy technique, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)-based biogas-from-waste generation, has shown promise for waste treatment as well as energy saving in buildings. This study proposes a high-efficiency cooling, heating and electricity-generation system with an SOFC-absorption water-cooled tri-generation configuration. Operations data from a typical high-rise commercial building in Shanghai and an airport in Hong Kong were analyzed as a case studies of the proposed system’s economic, environmental, and social feasibility in China. The results indicated that its economic performance was satisfactory, with a short payback period of less than one year if subsidized. Additionally, the system was found to achieve high efficiency: i.e., 85%, as compared to approximately 40% achieved by conventional combustion-powered systems. Finally, in terms of social feasibility, survey respondents not only expressed positive overall attitudes towards the application of the system but also raised concerns about its long-term operating costs. Given that foreseeable technological advancements promise greater flexibility and reduced space requirements, these results imply that the proposed integrated SOFC multi-generation system will be well-suited to future infrastructure and building projects in China.


Journal Papers

  • Wang, Q., Wei, H.*, Xu, Q. (2018). “Feasibility Study of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) – Based Biogas-from-Waste Generation System for Residential Buildings in China”. 10(7), 2395. DOI: 10.3390/su10072395.
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Conference Papers

  • Zhang S., Wang Q., Wen M., Hu H. (2019), “A feasibility study on the waste-to-biogas SOFC-based multi-generation with energy storage system in buildings”, Central Europe towards Sustainable Building Conference, Prague, July 2-4. (Under Review)
  • Wang, Q., Chen, B., Ni, M., Alvarado, R., Xu, H., Qin, W., Wang, Y. (2017), “The Application of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Buildings for Electricity, Heating and Cooling Tri-generation Using Natural Gas or Bio-gas from Waste”, World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, Hong Kong, pp351-357, June 4-8. (the Most Integrative Waste-Energy System for Building Award)


  • 「一种利用有机废物燃料的建筑冷、热、电联供系统及方法」(201710835395.00, CN107461851A)