Bright Building•Ya’an 耀明阁•雅安

A 3D Printing Construction Based Smart Post-Disaster Redevelopment Solution


Chief Project Manager 项目主管: Qiancheng WANG

Project Supervisor 项目导师: Prof Q. SHEN; Prof M. NI; Dr H. WEI; Dr R. CHANG


  • Sponsor 赞助者: Mingxi Charity Foundation; HK Polytechnic University
  • Chief Project Manager 项目主管: Qiancheng WANG
  • Project Supervisor 项目导师: Prof Q. SHEN; Prof M. NI; Dr H. WEI; Dr R. CHANG
  • Project Members 项目成员: Z.DING; S.ZHANG; H. RUAN; Y. PENG; Y. LI et. al.
  • Period 项目时间:  10. 2017 – 09. 2018


Natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes and floods, cause tremendous economic loss and social impacts worldwide. With the increasing extreme weathers caused by climate change, these disasters, such as bushfires in Australia have happened more frequently than ever which poses increasingly significant challenges to the built environment. After disasters happen, the impacted regions could become isolated if the roads and power grids to the region are seriously damaged. How to enable effective urban rehabilitation after natural disasters happen has become a critical issue for governments worldwide. With the merits of high productivity, less demand for labour and high flexibility, 3D printing technology could be an effective approach for post-disaster reconstruction. This project aims to combines 3D printing and zero-energy design features to develop a construction prototype for post-disaster urban rehabilitation. Jointly developed by researchers from China, Singapore, United States and Australia, this construction prototype will be employed to construct an educational building located in Ya’an, Sichuan province, China, where earthquakes happen frequently. The building will be constructed within four days, and after completion, it will be energy-independent. This project demonstrates the potential of 3D printing in helping to tackle the eternal challenges of natural disasters.

自然灾害,例如地震和洪水,在全球造成巨大的经济损失和社会影响。随着由气候变化导致的极端天气的增多,这些自然灾害如澳大利亚的丛林火灾发生的频率在快速提高,给人类居住生活环境带来严峻的挑战。 自然灾害发生后,由于道路和电网的损坏,受影响的地区可能会处于孤立无援的境地。 如何在严重自然灾难发生后快速有效的进行生产生活设施重建是全球政府需要面临的重大挑战。3D打印技术具有生产效率高,人工需求少以及灵活性强的特点,可以成为灾后重建的有效手段。本研究项目旨在结合3D打印技术和零能耗设计特征提出可用于灾后重建的一种建造原型。由来自中国大陆,香港,新加坡,美国以及澳大利亚的研究者共同开发,该建造原型将被用于开发一座位于四川雅安职业技术学院的教育建筑。该建筑预计在四天内建造完成,建成后实现能源的自给自足。本研究项目展示了3D打印技术在帮助应对自然灾害这样的永恒挑战的巨大潜力。



王谦诚 Q. Wang 丁子健 Z. Ding 覃伟聪 Jack W. Qin 张澍嘉 S.J. Zhang
阮皓雅 H. Ruan 胡海华 H. Hu 彭诗棋 S. Peng 李奕男 Y. Li
汤佳伟 Gary J. Tang 魏东阳 D. Wei 张文爽 W. Zhang 张韶桢 S.Z. Zhang
文美鸥 Mei M. Wen 吕凌波 L. Lv 商诗雨 S. Shang 周容 R. Zhou
杨斯路 S. Yang 刘天祎 T. Liu 白雪 X. Bai 温乐扬 L. Wen
岳晨雨 C. Yue 陈佳媛 J. Chen 郭语宽 Y. Guo


  • Wang. Q., Zhang. S., Wei D., Ding. Z. (2018). “Additive Manufacturing (AM): A Revolutionized Power for Construction Industrialization”. International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, Charleston, Aug. 9-10. (Best Paper Award)


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Students help disaster relief project make low-cost buildings with 3D technology

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10-05-18 3D Printed Building Initiative Just One Disaster Relief Project