CHVRCHES Sign with Island Records, Share New Song “Over”

"It feels quite freeing to not have to abide by the regular rules that we set ourselves," says Lauren Mayberry

CHVRCHES, photo by Jess Gleeson, illustration by Steven Fiche

    Life can be a bit of a nightmare, and CHVRCHES just want you to wake them up when it’s over.

    This cathartic portrayal of anguish is at the core of the Scottish trio’s brand new song, “Over,” and it’s one that mirrors the horror-influenced themes of their terrific 2021 LP, Screen Violence . Not only is “Over” the first new CHVRCHES song in over a year, it’s their first on a new label, Island Records.

    “Over” also arrives with a stylish music video that features the band in a tropical climate, playing the song atop a structure with bright lights shining through it. Speaking to Consequence , the band was excited to film a new video with each member in the same place for the first time since their 2018 album, Love Is Dead . “We were all separated for the Screen Violence ones,” says lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry. “They had to be done on a green screen and everyone had to be separated. So, it’s been a long time since we’ve had to sift through music video pitches about locations and things.”

    Though the band confirms that a new album isn’t necessarily in the works, “Over” is meant to be a bridge between the Screen Violence era and whatever will come next. “We’re always trying to find some kind of thread of continuity, even when things are changing,” says Mayberry. “Knowing we’re going to go into the 10th anniversary of The Bones of What You Believe later in the year, we thought maybe it’s time to move back to a more graphic universe so that this miniature chapter can lead into that chapter.”


    If it’s hard for you to believe that 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of CHVRCHES’ debut album, the band is just as bewildered by it, too. “It’s interesting to me that we’re now at that point in our career where we can — and this isn’t to say we’re mining old material — but we can look back to look forward,” Martin Doherty tells Consequence . “We can look at all the things that worked best and made us most excited about being in a band… A lot of that is coming into focus because of the big round number 10.”

    Check out the music video for “Over” below, and read on for the full Q&A with Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty, and Iain Cook of CHVRCHES.