The Most Devastating Jokes from Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue

Not even Pauly Shore was safe

Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars, photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back during his opening monologue at 2023 Academy Awards. He delivered laughs at the expense of Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, James Cameron, and Will Smith. Not even Pauly Shore was safe.

    Check out the most devastating jokes from Kimmel’s Oscars monologue below, and see an updated list of this year’s Oscars winners here.

    “I’m happy to see Nicole Kidman has finally been released from that abandoned AMC where she has been held captive for almost two full years…. And thank you for encouraging people who were already at the movie theater to go to the movie theater.”

    “Two actors from Encino Man are nominated for Oscars. What an incredible night this must be the for the two of you and what a very difficult night for Pauly Shore.”

    “If anyone in this theater commits an act of violence at any point during this show, you will be awarded the Oscar for Best Actor and permitted to give a 19-minute-long speech.”

    “Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogen. What a pair. The Joe and Hunter Biden of Hollywood.”

    “Everyone loved Top Gun , everyone. Tom Cruise with his shirt off in that beach football scene? L. Ron Hubba Hubba!”

    “You know, Tom and James Cameron didn’t show up tonight. The two guys who insisted we go to the theater didn’t come the theater.”

    “James Cameron is not here tonight… You know a show is too long when even James Cameron won’t sit through it.”

    Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s full 2023 Oscars monologue: