Who Is Holding Hugh Grant Hostage at the 2023 Oscars?

A painfully awkward red carpet interview hinted that the actor didn't want to be there at all

hugh grant 2023 oscars
Hugh Grant on the 2023 Oscars red carpet, photo via Twitter

    Hugh Grant is presenting at the 2023 Oscars , but the infamously guarded actor doesn’t seem too thrilled about it. Grant made an obligatory red carpet interview with Ashley Graham as awkward as he could, saying he was excited to see “no one in particular” win an award.

    “Okay, well, what are you wearing tonight then?” Graham rebounded, to which Grant replied, “Just my suit.”

    Switching gears to Glass Onion , Graham asked Grant about his experience filming a cameo in the Knives Out sequel. “Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in for about three seconds,” he replied.


    “Yeah, but still! You showed up and you had fun, right?” Graham begged. “Um, almost,” Grant replied, giving Graham absolutely nothing to work with. Looks like he was media trained by Robert Smith .

    Watch Graham and Grant’s painful interaction below.

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