Fan Chant: Getting “Groovy” with CRAVITY: Interview

"When people hear a specific sound, we want them to think, 'Oh, that's CRAVITY'"

cravity master piece
CRAVITY, photo courtesy of Starship Entertainment

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    Nine-member act CRAVITY have a contagious energy both in their music and in conversation. This is the second opportunity I’ve had to chat with Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin, this time about their latest mini album, MASTER: PIECE .

    The focus track for this release is “Groovy,” an aptly-named bop with disco tones and breakdown tailor made for killer choreography. Compare this to some of CRAVITY’s previous releases — “Adrenaline” and “Boogie Woogie” come to mind in particular — and you’ll notice some similarities. The group seems to be finding their lane in the crush pop arena in particular, thriving with this bright, colorful sound.


    The members themselves confirm this in conversation over Zoom — Allen says, “When people hear a specific sound, we want them to think, ‘Oh, that’s CRAVITY.’ That crush pop sound.”

    While fairly young as a team (CRAVITY debuted in 2020), many of the members are already heavily involved in the writing and producing process. Rappers Serim and Allen contributed to writing lyrics on multiple MASTER: PIECE tracks, and vocalist Woobin’s second self-produced song is on the album.

    Check out the music video for “Groovy” below, and read on for the full conversation with the members unpacking their fifth mini album, 2023 goals, and details on their team dynamic these days.


    What was your overall vision for this mini album?

    Taeyoung : We want our music to be recognizable.

    Allen : When people hear a specific sound, we want them to think, “Oh, that’s CRAVITY.” That crush pop sound.

    This is your fifth mini album! I love “Groovy,” of course, and “FLY.” Tell us a bit about being in the studio all together working on the album .

    Woobin : While I was working on “Light the way,” the members did really well — especially Seongmin, who had a really difficult part during the song.


    Allen : Recording for “Baddie,” I had a lot of fun. I really like rock music and was really satisfied with how my verse came out for the song. I had writer’s block and didn’t know how to overcome it, but I knew I didn’t want to ruin the track with a bad verse. I somehow overcame it and came up with a flow and ended up really satisfied with how it came out. I finished it in the booth in one or two takes.

    Serim and Allen, you contributed a lot of the lyrics, which you’ve done in the past; Woobin, this album has another self-produced track from you. With you guys really digging into the process of writing and creating, I was wondering what other goals you all might have on the behind-the-scenes side of things?

    Serim : Since I’ve participated in writing lyrics, I want to produce next.

    Allen : Same for me. I think Wonjin is starting to experiment in that process, too. He’s been working really hard.


    The tagline for this album is “Everyone is the main character of their own lives.” Who would you guys cast as the main character in a movie you created?

    Hyeongjun : Scarlett Johansson!

    Serim : Robert Downey Jr.

    Wonjin : Jim Carrey! I love his acting.

    Taeyoung : I want Tom Holland.

    Woobin : I’d want to cast Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Allen : I’d cast myself.

    Do you ever want to act? Is that something you’d do someday?

    Woobin: Oh, nah.

    Allen : Not with Woobin, I guess.

    Woobin : Actor Allen is very interesting.

    Your last mini album, NEW WAVE , you felt LUVITY might feel a more natural and relaxed side from you. What do you think fans will feel from MASTER: PIECE ?

    Minhee : After NEW WAVE , our fans will feel an even more chilled-out and relaxed album.

    Taeyoung : Is it?

    Woobin : Maybe they can see our more natural but still bright sound…and maybe a little sexy.

    Allen : A little more sophisticated.

    Do you hold positions as a team other than Serim’s role as leader?

    Allen : No, we don’t. So I’m here to keep the balance in check. Like the three branches of government.


    Taeyoung : I learned a lot from Seongmin, who is very good at acting. His face is so good on camera. When the camera is on, he acts like a pro. He’s a professional; born to be an idol.

    What else are you all looking forward to?

    Jungmo : In 2023, I want to meet a lot of LUVITY around the world. A world tour concert is our bucket list.

    Allen : Going into 2023, we’ll definitely be expanding and reaching out to our global fans. We’ll be showing them more of CRAVITY, live performances, our vocal skills, and more mature artists overall.