Built Environment 建築環境

About Us | 團隊介紹

The Intelligent Built Environment (IBE) Group was found in November 2017. We focus on new techniques for improving the built environment and reducing carbon emission in the community. In addition, the group also committed to promoting the concept of “Smart City”. Cooperating with international partners, we are developing new solutions with smart property management and wearable smart devices. Up to now, our members have applied for 9 patents.


Chair’s Word | 主任寄語

The mission of engineering is to inspire and to optimize the community. With such a platform, I believe our group members can create an innovative and excellent built environment with their capacity and intelligence to improve our living quality together.


                                                 ——Robin Hu 胡海華

Group Members | 小組成員

Robin H.H. HU 胡海華 (Group Chair 小組主任)

Robin HU is the group leader of Intelligent Built Environment Group. He is a student at the HKPU, majoring in Electronic and Information Engineering. His research interest includes the holographic imaging system and smart controlling system for construction.


Sum Q.C. WANG 王謙誠 (Project Leader 項目組長)

Qiancheng is the Leader of the Bright Building project. He is an MPhil candidate in architecture and urban studies at the University of Cambridge. His research interest includes sustainable built environment and advanced construction techniques. Qiancheng is always looking for research partners and ideas in various related fields are welcome.


Jason Z.J. DING 丁子健 (Project Vice Leader 項目副组长)

Jason Zijian DING is the Vice Leader of Bright Building project. Recently, he has cooperated with Sum WANG, working on research of Additive manufacturing technology for construction industrialization. He has a sound knowledge of machine learning and hopes to work with researchers to redefine the construction industrialization process in the Industry 4.0 age.


Michelle Y.N. LI 李奕男 (Member 成员)

Michelle LI is a member of the IBE Group as a student of Electronic and Information Engineering at the HKPU. She is very interested in the intelligence-related aspects of the project. Miss Li also serves as the general manager of our official website (www.brightbuilding.org) and Weibo Platform.


Gary J.W. TANG 湯佳偉 (Emeritus Chair 曾任 小組主任)

Gary TANG established the IBE group and serviced as chair from September 2017 to July 2018. He is an undergraduate student at HKPU majoring in Electronics and Information Engineering. His research interest includes smart energy system and smart controlling system.