Departments 部門



Architecture and Industrial Design (AID) Group


Director’s Words

This project is an interesting challenge for architecture design since we adopt a relatively new construction technology, which is additive manufacturing (3D printing), in our construction process. It is my wish that we can successfully adapt our new technology to the design and show people our Bright Building.


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Business and Marketing (BM) Group


Director’s Words

The goal of bright building, is to provide a possibility for the future construction, with the combination and innovation of top technologies. The aim of BM Group, is to marketize the technologies, which makes bright building more integrated, more beneficial, and therefore could be more successful.

  —— Rosa R. ZHOU

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Construction and Project Management (CPM) Group


Director’s Words

Project management is not an easy task. By working and striving as a team, I am sure we can perfectly deliver the project. Moreover, this project provides valuable opportunities for us to cooperate and communicate with different young talents, implement our knowledge and contribute the society. I am looking forward to this exciting process.

                                                 ——Jack Wei-cong QIN

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Intelligent Built Environment (IBE) Group


Director’s Words

The mission of an engineer is to inspire and influence the global community. I believe everyone in our project can use their capacity and intelligence to create an innovative and excellent building system to meet the needs of the society.

                                                 ——GARY J.W. TANG

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