Mei M.O. WEN 文美鷗

download.jpgMei, M. O. WEN 文美鸥

Vice Leader of Business and Marketing (BM) Group 商業團隊(BM)副組長

School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business, HKPU

香港理工大學 金融學士



Biography 個人簡介

Miss Wen is the vice leader of the Business and Marketing (BM) Group. She majors in financial services at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a good academic performance and has been on the Dean’s List of Faculty of Business, which later helped her get the funding from Faculty of Business to go to the University of Florida as an exchange student from HKPU.

文小姐就讀于香港理工大學金融服務專業,目前任耀明閣專案商業團隊副組長。 她具有優異的學業表現,列於商學院Dean’s List上,並曾獲得商學院的資金支援,成為當期的佛羅里達大學交換生。

On top of academic training, the professional skills of Miss Wen have also been developed during her work experience in various fields. She did the budgeting work of a Joint University Basketball Championship for CMSA and has been actively helping in activities held by ISAS as a student ambassador. She also led a team in a project where students worked with local farmers and improved the environmental value of the farming process by, for instance, devising and implementing proposals of making facilities out of recycled materials. Besides, she worked as a teaching assistant at an English education centre and as a research assistant at the English Language Centre of HKPU.

除學業外,文小姐的專業技能也在不同領域的工作經歷中得到了加強。 她曾參與中國內地學生協會對一場聯校籃球賽的預算製作過程,以及作為學生大使積極參與ISAS舉辦的活動。 她也曾參加一個專案,帶領小組與本地農民合作,提高耕作過程的環境價值。 此外,文小姐曾在一家英語學習機構擔任助教,以及在香港理工大學的英語學習中心擔任研究助理。

As for internship experience, Miss Wen was in the business and marketing department of Qiandao Finance located in Beijing, and in the human resources as well as brokerage department of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, one of the biggest securities companies in China, located in Shanghai. After the internship periods, she received positive comments from both colleagues and superiors.