Jiayuan CHEN 陳佳媛


WX20180512-221043@2x.pngMISS J.Y. CHEN 陳佳媛

Assistant Member (CPO)


Department of English 英語系

Northwest University 西北大學

Email 電郵:violette.chen@foxmail.com


Miss. Violette Jiayuan CHEN is currently a year 2 undergraduate at the Northwest University (NWU), majoring in English literature. She has developed new media operating capability, the comprehensive utilization of the Internet, multidimensional thinking and negotiation skills through her university life, school student organizations and colourful internships and practical activities.

VIOLETTE J.Y. CHEN 陳佳媛小姐目前是西北大學(NWU)的二年級本科生,主修英語文學。在她的大學生活中,她參加了許多學生組織和豐富多彩的實習、實踐活動,這培養了新的媒體運作能力、互聯網綜合運用能力、多維思維方法和商業談判技巧。

She has won the Outstanding Freshmen Scholarship in 2016. During her study She is the Director of Secretariat of the Association of Northwestern University computer, RIZ Career’s social media center members and former members of the Northwest school students, Technology and Entrepreneurship Institute at Northwestern University Entrepreneurship Department staff, a member of professional experience center at Northwestern University, Hewlett-Packard campus engineer, Xi’an CEDC reserve manager. She actively participates in various types of exchange activities, lectures, and academic conferences, and continuously elevates herself and broadens her horizons. In 2016, as the representative of Northwest University, he participated in the 18th China Association for Science and Technology annual meeting of the President of China Association for Science and Technology and the meeting of college students in Shaanxi Province. She also travelled to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guizhou, and Hong Kong to participate in practical research and business negotiations.

她在2016年獲得了西北大學傑出新生獎學金。在她學習期間,她目前擔任西北大學計算機協會秘書處處長,RIZ CAREER媒體中心成員。她曾是西北大學學生會的成員,西北大學創業技術與創業學院系職員,西北大學專業體驗中心成員,惠普校園工程師,西安CEDC覓未來公司儲備經理。她積極參加各類交流活動,講座和學術會議,不斷提升自己,拓寬視野。 2016年,作為西北大學代表,她參加了第十八屆中國科學技術協會中國科學技術協會主席年會和陝西省大學生會議。她還前往上海,廣州,貴州和香港參加實際研究和商務談判。

Besides, she developed the leadership and interpersonal skills by being becoming the founder and team leader of the China College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.



  • Outstanding Freshmen Scholarship(2016)  2016年傑出新生獎學金


  • A system of smart home security warning 「一種智能家居安防預警系統」 (Under Review,2018)