Wenny C. Y. YUE 岳晨雨

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Miss. Wenny C. Y. YUE 岳晨雨

Member (AID) 項目組成員(AID)

Dept. of Urban Planning 城市规划专业

Xian University of Architecture and Technology


Email電郵: wennyheng@outlook.com


Wenny YUE is an urban planning major undergraduate student at Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology. She participated in the domestic college city design competition and won the three prize in college. She also got involved in the undergraduate research training program and studied the evolution and development of rural settlements and buildings in China. She also took part in the internship and participated in the urban planning projects of small and medium-sized cities in the Shaanxi urban and rural planning and Design Institute. Her future research is the city design.