Sunny D.Y. WEI 魏東陽



Ms. Sunny Dong-Yang WEI 

Asso. Director (CPM); Senior Member;

Chief Researcher in Environmental Science

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, FCE, HKPU.


Miss Sunny Wei is the Associate Director of CPM in this project. She is an undergraduate student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) majoring in Environment and Sustainable Development and minoring in Applied Mathematics. Throughout her studies at the PolyU, she is highly motivated and intelligent with excellent academic performance. She is one of the top students in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and has been on the Dean’s Honors List.

She has great passion for environmental research. She joined Air Research Lab as a student assistant and worked on the project Photochemical Formation of Alkyl Nitrates and Their Impacts on Ozone Production under Urban Polluted Atmosphere. Besides, she has been sponsored PolyU Undergraduate Summer Research Sponsorship to join in the Environmental Microbiology Lab in University of Washington (USA) as a summer research assistant for two months. Her research was focused on the aerobic granular sludge technology for wastewater treatment. She also joined the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong- International Youth Competition and her team was awarded Honorable Mention for the advanced renovation of Tong Lau.

She also actively took internships to improve her hands-on working abilities. In June 2016, she worked as a summer intern at Taihu Basin Authority of Ministry of Water Resources in Shanghai to help research on the large boom of blue-green algae problem in the Taihu Lake. Besides, in June 2017, she interned at the Strategy & Development Department of China Light Power (CLP) Limited, Hong Kong. During the internship period, she conducted the feasibility research of application of the technology of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) into the coal-fired power plants.


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