Prof. Meng NI 倪萌 教授




B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD


香港理工大學 建築與房地產學系教授、副主任 (分管科研)


倪萌教授主要研究建築設備與高效能能源設備領域,是一位經驗豐富的學者。他在2007年于香港大學機械工程系獲得博士學位,並於2009年加入香港理工大學建築與房地產學系。2012年,他被破格提升為副教授並于2016年升任教授,並兼任香港理工大學建築與房地產學系副主任(主管學術研究)。倪萌教授的主要研究興趣包括固體氧化物燃料電池(SOFC)及其他相關電化學能量轉化裝置的研究及類比。目前在國際學術期刊發表論文數百篇。論文獲SCI他人引用次數3000餘次。倪教授目前是超過50份國際期刊的審稿人和8份主要國際期刊的編委,並擔任Sustainable Energy Technology and Assessment等學術期刊的副主編。


  • 2017 2016 Best Associate Editor Award, Science Bulletin (over 90 Associate Editors)
  • 2016 Humboldt Research Fellowship (for experienced researchers), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
  • 2016 2015 Best Associate Editor Award, Science Bulletin (over 90 Associate Editors)
  • 2016 Highly cited researcher in the field of Energy Science and Technology, by Shanghai ranking and Elsevier
  • 2015/16 Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing Awards, for Applied Energy, Applied Thermal Engineering, Energy Conversion and Management, Chemical Engineering Science, Electrochimica Acta, Journal of Power Sources
  • 2016 Departmental Research Publication Award, HKPU
  • 2015 Departmental Research Publication Award, HKPU
  • 2014 Departmental Research Publication Award, HKPU
  • 2013 Departmental Research Funding Award, HKPU
  • 2012 Departmental Research Publication Award, HKPU
  • 2011 Departmental Research Publication Award, HKPU
  • 2011 Top Reviewer Award, International Journal of Applied Energy, Elsevier
  • 2007 Young Scientist Award in Engineering Science, Hong Kong Institution of Science
  • 2007 Diploma for “Excellent Scientific Activity in Hydrogen Energy” by International Association for Hydrogen Energy and HTM-2007 organizing committee, Donetsk, Ukraine, May 2007
  • 2006 Student bursary, Conference Committee, Fuel Cell Science & Technology 2006, Scientific Advances in Fuel Cells, 13-14 September 2006, Turin, Italy


  • Fuel cells and electrolyzers for power generation or fuel conversion
  • Rechargeable batteries for energy storage
  • Numerical heat and mass transfer, ie. microfluidics
  • Energy recovery from waste treatment
  • Sustainable building technologies


H-index: 31 (June 2017); SCI Citations: over 5400

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