Jack Wei-cong QIN 覃偉聰



Mr. Jack Wei-cong QIN 

Head of Center for Construction and Project Management; Member of Project Management Committee


Dept. of Building and Real Estate, FCE, HKPU.




Jack QIN is one of the members of Project Management Committee and  the head of Center for Construction and Project Management. He is an undergraduate student of Building Engineering and Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In terms of academic performance, he has always been the top-5 student in class. He is dedicated to green building technologies and has published 2 papers as well as 1 patent. In the World Sustainable Built Environment (WSBE) conference 2017, his team won the Most Integrative Waste-Energy System for Building Award. In addition, he is the class representative responsible for assisting department’s administrative works.

Regarding industrial experience, he has several internships in the past two years. In 2016, he worked in China Hong Kong City (Sino Group) to assist building maintenance works. In 2017, he brought his dedication in green building to Zero Carbon Building (Hong Kong Construction Industry Council), where he witnessed and participated the daily operation of Hong Kong’s first building achieving zero carbon. His works are appreciated and currently, he still works as a part-time officer in ZCB.


  1. A CCHP system using Biogas-from-waste for Building Applications 「一種利用有機廢物的建築用冷、熱、電聯供系統」 (201710835395.0, Under Review)


  1. Wang, Q., Ni, M., Qin, W., Xu, Q. (2017). “Distributed Waste Treatment (DWT) in buildings: Biogas-from-waste for SOFC-based Trigeneration”. Modern Environment Science and Engineering. (Accepted)
  2. Wang, Q., Chen, B., Ni, M., Alvarado, R., Xu, H., Qin, W., Wang, Y. (2017), “The Application of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Buildings for Electricity, Heating and Cooling Tri-generation Using Natural Gas or Bio-gas from Waste”, World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, Hong Kong, pp351-357, June 4-8. (Conference Paper)