Rubby H.Y. RUAN 阮皓雅



Miss Rubby H.Y. RUAN

Head of Cooperation and Partnership Office;

Chair of Partnership Group

School of Public Administration, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.


Haoya Ruan studied at the School of Public Administration of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law with a score of 90.25, GPA 3.81 / 4. During the three years of college life, she is the only one in the school who has won 3 different scholarships as “National Scholarship”, “First-class People’s Scholarship” and “BOC Scholarship”. She is keen on academic and presided over / participated in nine research projects as well as participated in academic forums. In addition, she also added a tutor’s study seminar to grasp the academic dynamics. What she had done helped her obtaining the qualification of entering the School of Public Affairs Management of Zhejiang University in 2018 for getting Master’s degree.

Haoya Ruan engaged in various social practices and public welfare activities passionately. From August to October 2015, she participated in the summer trainee program of “Creating Youth and Youth at Wo” organized by the Communist Youth League in Hubei Province and served as team leader. In the summer of 2016, she has gained an insight into the meaning of the UN’s sustainable development goals and completed the theses on project reporting and governance innovation by participating in the “Eighth Youth Leadership Social Development Summer Camp” co-sponsored by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong University. As a major participant, who host the CRTR project during 2016 Summer vacation, made Nijat Snow Lotus Volunteer Service Volunteer Team won the special project of social practice at the school level, and won the title of “Outstanding Practice Team”.In February 2017, she applied for the International Volunteer Group’s IVHQ Child Care Project in Nepal independently and stay in local B & Bs for two weeks.


  • Rural development and Land issues


  • 2016.04. Innovative Training Project for Undergraduates “An Empirical Study on Operational Performance of Agricultural Park Tianhua” won the National Award and Outstanding Award
  • 2016.12 The Sixth National University “Simulated Mayor” Competition “Wuhan parking wisdom of the status quo and design optimization” won the second prize and the best team style
  • 2016.10 The First National Urban Management Competition “Investigation and Research on Demand and Management of Urban Waterlogging-affected Communities after Disaster” won the third prize
  • 2017.04 To assist in the completion of the horizontal issue report of Hubei Provincial Government, “Comprehensive Capacity Building for Local Governments for Disaster Reduction: Dilemma, Experience and Improvement”
  • 2016.08- Participate in the National Social Science Fund Youth Project “Research on Peasants’ Interests Protection Mechanism in the Process of Capital Going to the Countryside” (No.15CZZ033), and writing the phased achievements of “Capital to Countryside and Rural Elite Recycling” (Completed) and “Research on Risk in Capital to Rural Areas” “(Writing)
  • 2016.04- Participate in the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Youth Fund Project “China’s urbanization process of stakeholder behavior distortion mechanism and governance mechanism” (Code: 14YJC630076)
  • 2016.05 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law’s twenty-third “Bowen Prize” “Land Conflicts in the process of the type of conflict and analysis of the mechanism of” general approval by the school, completed.
  • 2017.01 Presided over the winter social practice “medical poverty alleviation implementation status and improve the path of research” by the school general approval
  • 2016.08 Participate in the soft science research project of the Ministry of Agriculture “Research on the Mechanism and Key Paths of Increasing Peasants Operating Income through Integration of Rural Industries”


  1. RUAN Haoya. Tourism within the county to withdraw from the county logic analysis [J]. Cooperative Economy and Technology, 2017 (15): 175-177.
  2. RUAN Haoya, Hu Shan, WANG Si-qi. Types of Conflicts of Interests in the Process of Land Transfer and Their Occurrence Mechanism [J].Journal of Rural Economics and Science, 2017,28 (12): 10-12.
  3. Ruan Haoya. “The Practical Process and Operational Logic of Collaborative Governance of Natural Disasters” (submitted).
  4. Ruan Haoya. ” Capital countryside and rural elite remodelling” (submitted).


  • National Scholarship
  • Bank of China (BOC) Scholarship
  • First-class scholarship
  • Presided over the third Public Administration Institute of scientific research funding project won the third prize
  • Enterprise Interview Challenge Contest, second prize
  • Eight schools in Central China “Jobs Prize” public management debate, second prize
  • Outstanding student leaders(<2%)
  • Excellent school volunteer
  • Wuhan Revolution Museum “top ten volunteers”
  • Summer social practice “advanced individual”
  • Be awarded Excellence Award by National Governance Innovation and Regional Synergy Development National Graduate Academic Innovation Forum.