Sum Q.C. WANG 王謙誠


Sum Qian-cheng WANG 王谦诚

Project Leader 项目组长

MPhil Candidate in Architecture & Urban Studies

St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge

剑桥大学 圣埃德蒙顿学院


王謙誠同學於英國劍橋大學建築學系攻讀哲學碩士/副博士學位,主修建築學與城市研究。他以一等榮譽畢業於香港理工大學建築工程與管理學專業並輔修應用數學專業。在本科學習期間,他保持專業前二名成績,並獲得香港特別行政區、香港建造師學會(HKCA)、香港理工大學及明曦同學會等多個機構或組織的獎學金或獎勵計劃支持。他先後在香港理工大學及新加坡國立大學擔任研究助理,參與研究課題四項,以第一作者身份發表期刊論文2篇、會議論文2篇,並發表專利10項。他帶領的研究團隊獲得2017年國際可持續建築環境研討會“最佳建築綜合能源利用獎”、2018年建設與房地產管理國際學術研討會“最佳論文獎”、 2016年聯合國青年領袖暑期比賽三等獎等榮譽。王同學擔任了香港理工大學(榮譽級)國際學生大使並帶領學生服務學習團隊連續獲得香港理工大學2015-2017三年外延服務獎等多個獎項。他所參與的「PolyU Elighten」活動成功打破吉尼斯世界24小時單車發電量最大團隊記錄。在2015年及2016年,他通過在陝鼓動力工程及香港恒基地產集團擔任項目經理助理及助理工程師,積累了一定的業界服務經驗。他還擔任英國皇家建造師學會、英國土木工程師協會、英國結構工程師協會、香港工程師協會學生會員。

Qiancheng is an MPhil candidate in architecture and urban studies at the University of Cambridge. He graduated from the HKPU with First Class Honours majoring in Building Engineering and Management and minoring in Applied Mathematics. He obtained scholarships from HKSAR Government, HKCA, HKPU and Mingxi Student Association etc. He worked as a research assistant/helper in HKPU and NUS and published 4 papers and 10 patents. He won the Best Paper Award in the ICCREM 2018 and the Most Integrative Waste-Energy System for Building Award in WSBE 2017. As an HKPU honoured international student ambassador, his service team also won the third award at the “UN Youth Leadership Social Development Summer Competition” in 2016 and the HKPU Student Outreaching Award in 2015 to 2017. He also serviced as an assistant project manager at Shaangu Power (SSE: 601369) in 2015 and as an assistant engineer in Henderson Group (HKEX: 0012) in 2016. He is also a student member of CIOB, ICE, and ISE.


  • Sustainable Built Environment & Modelling
  • Bigdata in Urban Development
  • Advanced Construction Technologies in Industry 4.0 Age


  1. An Indoor Luminous Energy Recycling System for Green Buildings (201820737392.3, Under Review)
  2. A CCHP system using Biogas-from-waste for Building Applications 「一種利用有機廢物的建築用冷、熱、電聯供系統」 (201710835395.0, Under Review)
  3. A New Approach for Solid and Liquid Waste Incineration with Waste Heat Recovery 「一種廢固及廢液焚燒及餘熱回收方法」(201710078842.2, Under Review)
  4. A New Approach for Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment 「一種醫藥製劑處理方法」(201710078843.7, Under Review)
  5. A Semi-Dry Quenching Tower for Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment 「一種醫藥製劑處理裝置用半幹式急冷塔」(CN 206504641 U; CN 201720132453.9)
  6. A New Device for Solid and Liquid Waste Incineration Treatment 「一種廢固體燃燒處理裝置」(CN 206478649 U; CN 201720132726.X)
  7. A New Incinerator for Liquid Treatment「一種廢液焚燒爐及一種廢液處理裝置」 (CN206478656 U; CN 201720132218.1)
  8. A New Type of Vertical Incinerator for Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment 「一種用於醫藥製劑焚燒的立式焚燒爐」(CN206478657 U; CN 201720132723.6)
  9. A New Device for Tail Gas Treatment for Solid and Liquid Waste Incineration System「一種用於廢固、廢液焚燒系統的尾氣處理裝置」(CN 206500032 U; CN 201720132733.X)


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