Center for Intelligent Built Environment


Intelligent Built Environment

Director’s word

The mission of an engineer is to inspire and influence the global community. I believe everyone in our project can use their capacity and intelligence to create an innovative and excellent building system to meet the needs of the society.

                                                 ——Gary J.W. TANG, Director

About CIBE

The Center for Intelligent Built Environment (CIBE) is established by the Project Management Committee (PMC) on October 2017. The center aims to create a high-level laboratory for research in intelligent built environment field and also to provide the project with information technology supports. CIBE develops several elements including the photovoltaic power system, the intelligent sensing system and the automatic material management equipment, which will help to provide the intelligent, zero-carbon and environmentally friendly facility for the Bright Building.


Gary J.W. TANG Director Member, PMC PolyU, HK
Jason Z.J. DING Chief Engineer Vice President; Chair of PMC PolyU, HK
Eagle D.P. ZHAO Senior Engineer PolyU, HK
Jiahui LIN Senior Engineer PolyU, HK