Prof. Geoffrey Q.P. SHEN 沈岐平 教授


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Prof. Geoffrey Q.P. SHEN



Interim Vice President
(Student Affairs) of HKPU; 
Chair Professor of Construction Management



Geoffrey Shen has a proven track record of academic and research leadership in construction management with special interest in value management and collaborative working in construction, supported by information and communication technologies. He pioneered the development of an innovative Interactive Value Management System which utilizes group decision support technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of value management workshops.

He has led a large number of research projects with total funding over HK$30 million including five RGC-CERG grants in a row since 2002/03, and has authored more than 380 publications including 190 papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. He is member of the editorial boards of several leading journals, and has been invited to give keynote presentations in a number of international conferences. He has served the built environment panel of the Research Assessment Exercise in Hong Kong in 2006, and he is the current Chair of the Global Leadership Forum in Construction Engineering and Management Programs.

Geoffrey is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM). As a certified Value Management Facilitator (List A) recognised by the HKSAR Government and a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) of SAVE International, he has professionally designed and facilitated a number of value management and partnering workshops for many client organisations in both the public and private sectors. He received the Presidential Citation Award from SAVE International in 2009 for his “energetic and engaging effort to enhance value research and education”.

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